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Ecuador Train Journeys Amazing Adventures Through the Andes & Coast

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The Liberty Train

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Overview & History

The Liberty Train (Tren de la Libertad) gets its name from Ecuador's struggle for liberty and independence from Spain 200 years ago. This traditional route was once of great commercial importance to Ecuador; the northern part of the country has always been famous for its textile production and the train was once used to transport these materials throughout the country. Before it became a means of transporting passengers, this train was once used as the main means for transporting goods such as wool, cotton and other fabrics nationally and to ports to be exported internationally.

The modern route runs 30 kilometers from the city of Ibarra to the town of Salinas and back. As the train passes out of Ibarra, it makes its way through a beautiful scenic countryside, passing over rivers and through the majestic Andean midlands. This route is particularly famous for passing through several tunnels, carved out of the rocks that were part the mountains over 100 years ago by workmen using little more than picks and shovels.

The train's destination, Salinas, is a very special place: it's one of a handful of places in Ecuador which is home to a native population of Afro-Ecuadorians, descendants of workers brought here long ago. Visitors are welcomed with traditional dancing and invited to visit a salt museum before returning to Ibarra.


  • Artistic presentaction of "Bomba" or a music band
  • Visit to the Arts & Crafts Square
  • City tour of Salinas
  • Entrance and guide in the Salt Museum

Tours with the Liberty Train

Starting in the northern part of the Ecuadorian territory, the route of the Liberty Train combines comfort with adventure on a magnificent route that takes you from Ibarra to Salinas and back. While delighting it's travelers with some of the best landscapes this side of the country has to offer, it is filled with exotic views from departure to arrival. [View all Liberty Train tours]